Proud Ghentians share their favourite spots

There is nothing more interesting than visiting a city under the guidance of a local: you explore the most beautiful places, eat in the best restaurants and learn all there is to know about your destination. And there is little Ghentians like doing more than sharing their tips with you! That’s how proud they are of their city.   

‘Tips from locals’ is a simple idea: ask local residents any question you have, because they are the true experts. You can rest assured, they will receive you with open arms and love showing off their hometown to their guests. Ask the chef of your eating place where you can find the best after-dinner café, for instance, or ask a museum staff member what their favourite art gallery is. Tell them what you’re interested in and you’ll get customised tips that show you the real Ghent. Supplement these tips from locals with the wealth of information you can find on, under the tag ‘insider tip’ for example, and your trip is guaranteed to be worthwhile! 

Extra tip: lots of tourism business operators even have a 'Tips from locals' notepad to write down their best tips and suggestions. So don’t hesitate to ask them for advice and discover the nicest spots in Ghent!  

Visit Ghent as a guest of Ghentians

The people of Ghent like showing off their city to curious visitors and will receive you with open arms. Be their guest and help them take care of the city that is so close to their hearts. Immerse yourself in Ghent’s culture and customs, you will certainly not regret it!