Ghent's pedestrian signposts will guide you to the main sights in the historical centre and the arts quarter.

Although Ghent is a lively city with a great deal to offer, you can still explore the city perfectly well on foot. Most of the museums and attractions are within walking distance of each other. Still think it's a bit far? If so, hire a bicycle or simply take the tram. The CityCard Gent allows you to use all the trams & buses in Ghent for no extra fee!

The sites will help you find your way

The city is divided into the historical centre and the arts quarter. In turn, these two areas of the city are divided into several distinct sites. At 40 locations in the city, you will find tourist information boards showing a brief description of the attractions in the site in question and a handy map.

There are signposts all over the city. Right at the top, you can see your current location in terms of the site and area of the city. Enjoy your walk!