You don't have to be in Ghent at the moment to enjoy it. We all stay at home as much as possible. However thanks to the cultural institutions, we can still let you enjoy all the beauty. From virtual tours to live streams and digital archives. Ghent's museums and attractions have devised many innovative ways to explore collections. This way you can enjoy the experience from your home environment.

Watch the unique exhibition 'Van Eyck. An Optical Revolution' online through a virtual guided tour or listen to the audio guide. Also take a virtual visit to Ghent Town Hall: see the historic rooms and learn more about all the works of art.

Digi-expos STAM Ghent

Escape for a while with the digi-expos of STAM Gent. Nine exhibitions that you can visit digitally, including 'The story of Ghent', the fixed value in STAM. This exhibition tells the history of Ghent: from the first settlements to a modern city. But also the 'World Exhibition of Ghent in 1913' and 'Ghent, occupied city' are a must-see thanks to beautiful images. These and other exhibitions can be viewed online as digi-expos on the website of STAM Ghent.

At home and still out! Livestreams to follow at home.

Music, theatre performances, lectures, workshops, etc. Now that you can't come to them, they just love to bring it to you! So you can also enjoy an extensive offer from your living room!

Have a look at UiT in Ghent for an overview of all livestreams.

  • Design Museum Ghent organises a sneak peek of the exhibition 'Kleureyck' by means of video calls with the designers (Available in Dutch and English).
  • House of Alijn will be the Home of Alijn for a short while. Get inspired and follow the reading, watching and doing tips (Only available in Dutch).
  • Visit the Dr Guislain Museum thanks to this virtual tour and get to know their extensive collection. (Dutch, English, French).
  • Discover the digitized art offer of Zebra Street thanks to their Zebra Art App (Dutch).
  • The S.M.A.K. presents an imaginary museum, fun activities for children that they can do at home and a nice selection of From the Collection (Dutch).