The 'Atelier in beeld' event provides the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes of various art studios in Ghent. Over the weekend, artists will bid you welcome in their studios, often at surprising locations and in unique premises.

'Atelier in beeld' is a unique opportunity to discover the artists in their creative habitat. You will get an insight into the working and thinking processes of a diverse group of artists active in a wide variety of art forms, including painting, sculpture, photography, design, graphic arts, street art, calligraphy, ceramics and textile arts, etc.

Besides the artist in the studios of the Nucleo organisation, numerous other group studios such as those of the partnership Stadsmakers on Wiedauwkaai, the non-profit organisation Grafiti vzw, the studio at Bijlokevest 93, the impressive hall of Atelier Pantserschip, and Nerdlab will also take part. Individual artists too will open the doors of their studios for the occasion. Among them are Emma Terweduwe, Wannes Cools and Johan Houthoofd.

Atelier in beeld

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This activity takes place on a location within the low emission zone

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