Ghent has two tourist quarters where all tourist attractions are within walking distance of each other. They seamlessly blend together. The most important museums can be found in the Arts Quarter. Historical buildings and monuments, on the other hand, can be found in the Historical Centre. Both quarters have restaurants and cafés where you can take a break.

Museum marathon

The Arts Quarter is a neighbourhood where art lovers belong and students come home to. The Booktower is its heart. The quarter is home to the city’s main museums which are all within walking distance from one another. In fact the Museum of Fine Arts is right across the street from the S.M.A.K.! A short walk (downhill!) brings you to the STAM, the City Museum, which provides the ideal introduction to the past, present and future of Ghent. Music Centre De Bijloke, with its exceptional acoustics, is a stone’s throw away from the STAM museum. It’s the home of classical, contemporary and jazz music.

Students rule

In the Arts Quarter, it’s not just art that holds sway. The neighbourhood is also one of the epicentres of Ghent’s student life. During the academic year, you are guaranteed to run into students as you walk from museum to museum. Thanks to the youngsters, the lively neighbourhood is bustling. Overpoortstraat is the place to be in terms of nightlife, and it is crowded with students every Thursday night. The Booktower, near the faculty of Arts and Philosophy, is the symbol of love for books and science. The Arts Quarter is home to many other campuses, of both the university and university colleges, and student accommodations abound.  


Fun route with plenty of pitstops

The Arts Quarter is the perfect shortcut if you want to walk from Gent-Sint-Pieters Railway Station to the Historic Centre. During your walk, you will pass highlights such as De Krook library, Arts Centre Vooruit and St Peter’s Church, and you can take a break in the courtyard of St Peter’s Abbey and Muinkpark. You’ll also come across cafés, restaurants and coffee shops where you can take a break. Not in the mood to walk? The Hop-on Hop-off water tram will take you from the Bijloke site to the city centre.  

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