The 3 artists experience the world around them as a complex and overwhelming jumble of excess.

Hendrik Braet looks for the horizon feeling in an enclosed urban environment without going into the open. His work harks back to minimalism: photography is extreme reduction.

Charlie De Voet considers his work as an attempt to achieve genuine communication, with the paradoxical leitmotif being his inability to achieve this. He uses oil paint which he applies wet-on-wet in accordance with a formal system. In the process, he goes through the entire colour spectrum. This layering results in quasi monochrome paintings with usually a glittering dark area in the centre and a glossy light area on the edges.

As’ad Merza is a Syrian photographer. His multilayered images are the result of finding a balance between the positive quest for one’s place in society and the experience of one’s origin. His stylised images simultaneously capture and let go of the moment.