Step into the world of fair fashion during this three-day festival and discover the beauty of sustainable fashion and ethical clothing. During numerous workshops, fashion shows, expos, and demonstrations, you will discover how you can make a difference in the world of fashion and sustainability.

Valhalla for fashion lovers

Workshops, demonstrations and inspiration sessions

Repairing your favourite garments or pimping out unworn clothes into something 'new'? In the ‘circular hub’, you will learn techniques to repair holes or loose seams. Prefer to pick something new for your wardrobe straight away? This will also be possible during a big ‘clothes swap’, where you can exchange discarded items for something new. At the fair fashion market, you can browse among unique and ethically sourced garments.

Expos, talks and performances

Get inspired by expos and installations by designers, art collectives and (fashion) photographers. Dive in depth with Fair Fashion Talks on current themes and enjoy a musical spectacle during our opening night.

Special bonus: Special bonus: those who visit the Industry Museum on Saturday or Sunday do not need to book a ticket and can enjoy a free museum visit.


This special event spans two locations: The Centrale and the Industrial Museum. These venues are within walking distance of each other and are connected via Kongostraat.

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