Tanned elite athletes, high-tech bikes, colourful jerseys and exuberant fans: road racing in a nutshell. But cycle racing is also all about the excitement, the despair, the fear, the loneliness, the pain, the suffering, the heady rush of victory, the anger after a defeat…

The exhibition ‘Gentleman, take off! At the head of the race’ entertains and grabs you by the throat. In a surprising setting, you can witness the flush of victory of Flemish racing cyclist Roger Decock in Paris-Nice 1951, experience the dread of legendary cycling doctor Yvan Vanmol after Johan Museeuw’s fall in the Forest of Arenberg and feel your heart skip a beat just like Corinne Poulidor when her son Mathieu van der Poel hit a bad patch at the world championship.

Leader of the pack

By means of an audio guide, you become part of the lives, thoughts and victories of well-known and lesser known figures from the world of cycling. Examples includes former racing cyclist and winner of the Tour of Flanders Roger Decock, legendary Mapei/QuickStep/Deceuninck doctor Yvan VanmolCorinne Poulidor (daughter of Raymond Poulidor, wife of Adrie van der Poel and mother of Mathieu van der Poel) and cyclist couple Louis Vervaeke & Astrid Collinge, who are all too familiar with the other side of the sport. Their stories will lead you through the exhibition. 

A new immersive exhibition by Historische Huizen Gent in partnership with Jelle Vermeersch, journalist, photographer and cofounder of the cycling magazine Bahamontes, KOERS. Museum of Cycle Racing (Roeselare) and Flanders Classics.

More information:  www.historischehuizengent.be

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