In 2020, St Nicholas' Church will be the ideal location for those who enjoy a unique blend of multimedia art, music, and video mapping.

A digital and musical reinterpretation of the Ghent Altarpiece, composed by Mat Collishaw, is sure to bring you pure wonderment for more than half an hour. An immersive video mapping provides a spectacle of light throughout the entire church. Regular live performances complete the event.

This multimedia experience is accessible to a wide audience of all ages: families, tourists, groups, lovers of art, and techies. Those who have been looking forward to the next edition of the Light Festival are sure to enjoy an exceptionally innovative project in the heart of Ghent. ‘Lights on Van Eyck’ is a collaboration between Mankind and Both were major crowd pleasers with their dancing robot arms and fire-breathing dragon during the previous Light Festival in 2018.