Are you an art lover? Then a month full of art will appeal to you. During your stay in Ghent, you can admire the works of 5 local artists at three different locations. Enjoy animal paintings at Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen nature reserve, enjoy pop art at the Great Butchers' Hall or discover paintings and sculptures by C’Rien at Geuzenhuis.

Art at the Great Butchers' Hall

At the Great Butchers' Hall, you can admire the creations of renowned artists. Rudy Van Nieuwenhove’s fame has spread to New York. The artist mostly paints in the style of pop art. In addition, you can also admire objects made by Marc Roos. He creates decorative art objects finished down to the smallest detail. Let your imagination run wild!

Emotion at Geuzenhuis

At Geuzenhuis, you can enjoy paintings and sculptures created by C’Rien. She draws inspiration from nature. C’Rien makes use of oil paint and unusual materials. Discover the emotion and likeness, and let your curiosity be your guide! This exhibition is only open on Sundays from 2 pm to 6 pm.

Animal paintings at Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen nature reserve

Artworks by Pascale Martens are on display at Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen nature reserve. She discovered her creative talent after painting a portrait of her dog. She paints animals in acrylic paint or oil paint on wood or canvas, but also models animals from clay. If you look closely, you will notice that some animals have human traits!