The Winder Wonder Castle ensures a festive conclusion of the Van Eyck year. During the Winter Festivities, the Castle of the Counts is immersed in a magical, Burgundian atmosphere with stunning party tables and fabulous decorations.

Master painter Jan Van Eyck is a star at the court of Philip the Good. The latter likes nothing more than dazzling his guests and enchanting them with luxury and exquisite technical gadgets. As Count of Flanders and Duke of Burgundy, he surrounds himself with the best artists.

Jan Van Eyck has just returned from a diplomatic mission in Portugal, where he made the portrait of the count's future wife. Based on that portrait, Philips has decided to marry for a third time. The wedding will take place in Bruges in January, but in the run-up to the big day the count wants to hold Christmas festivities in all important public buildings in the county.

The Castle of the Counts is the perfect location for these festivities in Ghent. The fortress receives an extreme makeover from master painter Van Eyck himself. Allow yourself to be enchanted by the count's love of spectacle and imagine yourself as a contemporary of the Flemish Primitives.