In the 1990s, House, techno and drum & bass brashly sucked the sex appeal from the nightlife scene. Culture Club spectacularly injected it back in 2002.

Afrikalaan 174, Ghent

The club was the übercool brainchild of the trio behind Belmondo. Architect Glenn Sestig took care of the insanely sleek interior, The Flying Dewaele Brothers and The Glimmers were the first resident DJs of the big hall, and with TLP as resident DJ the small hall, R&B and hip-hop were finally placed on a bling-bling pedestal.

The club lasted for nearly fifteen years, before allegedly being converted into the dressing room of the adjacent soap factory. So it definitely smells better now than in the days of the almost mythical parties such as Lunapark. Not to mention that time the Parisian concept store Colette came to Culture Club  with a Thalys full of models to celebrate the release of a compilation – simply because no other club in Paris or anywhere else in Europe was that hot at the time.  But no party animal has ever died from a bit of sweat,  not even in a place  like Culture Club.

Did you know that, long before Kompass moved to the building on Ottergemsesteenweg, Culture Club had already hosted club nights there? In 2007, the Culture Club already organised a few one-off events there! The industrial building’s rugged character was clearly not just a huge asset for Kompass.

One-off event organised by Culture club in the building which Kompass moved into later on.