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This walk breathes music and gathers places that are sources of inspiration for Steph & Dave (aka Soulwax). Make way for that new vinyl fix! Music & food go hand in hand: what's not to like?

Founders record label DEEWEE, DJ brothers 2manydjs and band Soulwax

Part of the Weekend Never Dies. This is the name of the documentary that followed the brothers Stephen (1970) and David (1975) during their Soulwax concert tours in 2008. And there couldn't be a more fitting phrasing that sums up the musical duo. From rock band to hits with 2manydjs to the electronic Soulwax and Radio Soulwax: part of the weekend really doesn't die thanks to their iconic work. We can go on and on about the stamp they already left on the music scene, both nationally and internationally (recently they even created the latest Pro League tune), but let's just say it in the sounding words of Dazed and Confused: from Deewee to eternity.

Walk a mile in our shoes

7.2 km - 9600 steps 

Our walk starts in the region from - where else - our own Studio Deewee. The jet-black building was designed by the Ghent firm of architects Glenn Sestig with a facade of black tiles. The subtle shifts and atypical corners of the building create a dynamic building that in one way or another perfectly matches the historic Ghent city facades. Nearby you will find Portus Ganda and coffee shop Bar Bidon.

A little further down, the Biezekapelstraat: one of the most musical streets in Ghent where the Conservatory is located. During the day you'll hear pianos, cellos, violin & vocals. Here, music literally comes out of the façade. For high quality culinary ingredients or fresh snacks we love to go to CRU at the Kouter or Fruitboutique De Tant.

Another great spot: Patricia Vintage, where you can buy vintage fashion items from Dior to Martin Margiela. Talamini is the ideal pit stop for an ice cream, close to the Graslei, Ghent's main attraction.

Music lovers (and laymen) can always go to vinyl walhalla Gent to discover new genres, such as Music Mania, Vinylkitchen and Vynilla. Just a stone's throw from the Castle of the Counts you'll find the bookshop De Blinde Reiziger. A little further on, hidden in the streets of the Patershol, you'll find gastro-bistro Roots, a guaranteed culinary masterpiece, or head to the popular Dampoort neighbourhood, where Alberte is located between the Turkish card cafés and pita bars. Delicious food prepared with pure, local products, which are not necessarily organic, but always linked to a well-known local grower. We like to end our day in style at cocktail bar Jigger's.

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