Boekbar came into being when Dirk Imschoot was looking for a home for his collection of books, which had been created, printed and published by the Imschoot publishing house. He wanted to put these books on public display and found an ideal location at the corner of Ottogracht and Baudelostraat.

The printing business Imschoot was renowned in the printing and publishing world for its high-end printing technology. Dirk Imschoot joined his father’s printing business in 1972 and started focusing on contemporary art. This meant that the printing business had to be extended by a publishing house. The Ghent publishing house Imschoot was active from 1987 to 2006 and published over 130 books on art and artists. The publishing house acquired internal renown with a series of books designed by contemporary visual artists. 

Dirk is always prepared to give some background information about the art books and the artists. He loves to regale visitors with anecdotes about the time when the books were printed. In Boekbar you can also find second-hand travel books, novels etc. An exhibition is organised every month. Most of the artists who exhibit their works have a connection with books or contemporary art. 

While you browse through the books, you can enjoy a glass of wine, a beer, a cocktail or mocktail, a cup of coffee and home-made pastries. 

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