The Chocolade Ambassade (Chocolate Embassy) offers you a unique chocolate experience where quality is key. They are ambassadors of Belgian chocolate, from the origin of cocoa to the finished product.

This shop, which is not to be missed by true chocolate lovers, is located in the oldest Ghent neighbourhood, Patershol. The shop exudes conviviality and a true neighbourhood feeling. Here, you will discover the story behind Belgian chocolate. Not one but 4 chocolatiers take centre stage in this shop, and they each have their own signature.  

"Our mission is to have our customers walk out of our shop not only with a box of chocolates, but also with a fun experience and some knowledge about chocolate." 

Through the tasting session, you will find out how chocolate is made and why Belgian chocolate is so well-known around the world. They deal with the surplus in the chocolate industry in a sustainable way by using it in their products, such as cocoa tea or refreshing drinks made with the cocoa fruit (a tropical fruit that tastes like a cross between lychee, passion fruit and pineapple).  

Are you still looking for the perfect gift? Dorien and Xiao will gladly give you chocolate advice tailored to your needs. 

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