On Sint-Veerleplein Square you can enjoy not only a lovely view of the castle, but also local dishes with matching beers. This is the ideal starting point for your shopping adventure through Côté Culture. In this historic area around Oudburg, Kraanlei and Sleepstraat you really feel the working-class character and the typical Ghent hospitality.

Côté Culture feels as it sounds: a welcoming neighbourhood with a melting pot of cultures. From traditional, authentic pubs to the best what the world’s cuisine has to offer.

In the medieval alleys in and around Patershol you discover not only lovely fashion and design shops and trendy cocktail bars but also top restaurants where renowned young chefs give the best of themselves.  Côté Culture is the oldest part of the city, but certainly not the least lively. Really, without exaggeration, this is the most pleasant neighbourhood in Ghent.