Dok Brewing Company is an innovative micro-brewery that brews delicious beer in the Ghent. You can try this beer on site in the “taproom” and choose dishes from one of the two restaurants RØK Barbecue and RØK Burgers. Groups of eight people or more can request a brewery visit.

Dok Brewing Company brews its beer on site and introduces you to new flavours and styles. You can try the beer on tap and you can choose from our 30 own, domestic and foreign beers.

Every Saturday afternoon, you can join a guided tour with tasting session. Booking in advance is recommended. You will find out all there is to know about the beer brewing process and you can try out 4 beers. Due to the international composition of the groups, guided tours are usually in English.

In RØK Barbecue, the food is cooked ‘low and slow’ on a Texan smoked barbecue and an Argentinian grill. De menu changes regularly and constantly offers a variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. These dishes can be shared or you can enjoy them on your own.

At RØK Burgers, they choose the best cuts of meat to grind on their own. They work closely with RØK Barbecue, so there may be a barbecue aroma lingering. There are always vegetarian burgers available like the smoked oyster mushroom burger! This all comes between a homemade bun from a local bakery.

Ghent Scenic Craft Beer Walks

Go on a walking tour with the Ghent Scenic Craft Beer Walks and discover all the craft beer hotspots in Ghent. Learn more about the brewing process and get your taste buds tingling!

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