Van Eyck and the Ghent Altarpiece are intrinsically connected to Ghent and Ghent is in turn inspired by Van Eyck. Numerous local bars and restaurants have prepared a creation specially for the Van Eyck year.

Ranging from a Van Eyck coffee, cocktail or soup to a unique Van Eyck menu. Look for the little shields in the display windows and discover their creation.

Restaurants & Eateries

Do you want to enjoy a menu in true Van Eyck style? Then you have come to the right place with these entrepreneurs.

De Raadkamer

Brasserie Bridge

De Abt

Alix - Table & Jardin d'Amis




Carlos Quinto

Marriott Midtown Grill

Quick Bites

Are you hungry but don't want to spend hours sitting at the table? Then discover a quick lunch or dinner with these entrepreneurs.

Wraps & Soups

Balls & Glory

Golden Gai

Seli's Noodlebar

't klein geluk in 't Groot Vleeshuis



Simon Says

Cafés & Bars

Feeling a bit thirsty? Maybe even a little hungry? Then definitely visit one of these entrepreneurs and discover what they can offer you.


Bar Jan Cremer

café venTura

Hal 16


café Albatros


Bar Bidon

Bakeries, Pastry shops and Coffee bars

Fancy something sweet? Or is it hard to resist the smell of freshly baked bread? Then you will find something you like at the entrepreneurs listed below.

Julie's House

Madam Bakster

Chocolaterie Van Hoorebeke

Joost Arijs