If there is one thing you should definitely do while in Belgium, it is to eat Belgian ‘frites’: chips (or French fries, depending on what you call them at home). Not only can you eat them in restaurants, you can also get them at a frites stand, or a ‘frituur’ or ‘frietkot’ as they are known in Flemish.

Belgium has a long history of deep-frying. The first frites stands were mobile and the first frites stand with a permanent location only appeared after World War II. Today, you can find them on market squares and along the main roads. But just like everything else, the art of deep-frying has also evolved: you can take away your frites or eat them on the spot in today’s modern frites stands.

In addition to frites, they also sell a wide range of snacks and sauces. Of course, today’s frites stands keep up with their times: many of them also offer a range of deep-fried products for vegetarians and vegans.

Anyone visiting Ghent simply must try some chips from a traditional chip stand - a ‘frietkot’- at least once during their stay. Ghent’s favourite order is large fries with beef stew sauce and mayonnaise.