Ganda Ham is one of the top products which helped build Ghent’s culinary reputation. This dry-cured ham follows a specific production process, which also respects the age-old tradition behind this treat. You can eat it on its own, with a dash of Tierenteyn mustard, on a sandwich, or use it as an ingredient in various dishes.

The name ‘Ganda’ refers to the old Celtic name for the city of Ghent. The word refers to the shape in which the rivers Lys and Scheldt and the Lieve canal merge: like a hand. Ganda Ham is salted and cured according to an age-old recipe and is made from the finest pork. The production process of this delicious ham takes at least ten months.

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You can enjoy a plate of Ganda Ham - with a delicious local beer, perhaps? - in many restaurants and cafés in Ghent. We think it’s the perfect appetizer. You can also buy Ganda Ham in supermarkets, in butcher’s shops and in OOOST, the promotion centre for local and farm products from the province of East Flanders.