Article 1 

For each booking of a night at one of the hotels in Ghent from the list below

made directly by the hotel guest

  • via the website of the relevant hotel
  • by telephone via the reception desk of the relevant hotel

for a date after the launch of the first clip of the series Gent Holidayland (launch on 26/06/2020 2:00 pm CET)

the hotel will give away a free ticket for ‘Lights on Van Eyck’ (hereinafter called “LOVE”) for each guest included in the booking. The hotel will deliver the ticket to the guest automatically when the guest checks in.


Article 2

This campaign will run as long as tickets are still available.


Article 3

The booking (and therefore the ownership of the LOVE ticket) will only be final upon arrival of the guest in  the hotel. At that moment the tickets will become the property of the hotel guest.

Article 4

The LOVE ticket can be used by the hotel guest at a time of his choice or be handed over to a third party of his choice.

Article 5

If the hotel guest fails to comply with these general terms and conditions, they still apply, even if we did not explicitly object to the non-compliance. 

Article 6

The date of arrival is binding and must be strictly observed. In case of a no-show or a cancellation of the booking, we reserve the right to award the LOVE ticket to another guest, who does comply with the terms and conditions of the campaign.  In case of cancellation, the ticket will be deactivated immediately.

Article 7

The booking and cancellation rules of each participating hotel are applicable and will always take precedence over these specific campaign conditions. 

Article 8

The courts of Ghent will have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute relating to these conditions and the campaign. The relation between the contracting parties will be governed by Belgian law.

Article 9

No communication will be possible with our partner LOVE, neither with respect to the tickets nor with respect to the conditions or other aspects of this campaign.