The modern Marriott Ghent is situated on the banks of the River Lys in the heart of Ghent.

The hotel’s unique location, within walking distance of the shopping streets and the university, offers a very special view of one of the city’s most important historical sites. Located on Korenlei, around the corner from Gravensteen, the Marriott Ghent is surrounded by all the photogenic and picturesque corners of the historic city centre. Behind the authentic façade hides a modern architectural gem, where you can sip a cocktail in Bar Poppi.

Marriott Ghent, winner of the Traveller's Award 2022, is also suitable as a meeting, dinner, lunch and event venue.

At the front of the hotel, you can enjoy brunch, lunch and dinner at Midtown Grill, a steak restaurant with a vintage 1930s feel.

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