No lack of speciality beers in Ghent. With hundreds of bars, shops and tasting venues, this is the perfect place for beer lovers. We are happy to give you these delicious beer tips.

The city centre of Ghent once boasted many breweries. Today brewers seem to have rediscovered Ghent. Small microbreweries and slightly larger city breweries have once again settled in the centre of Gent. The best-know city brewery is Gruut, where herbs are used instead of hops. Discover everything about it in the brewery.

In addition to enthusiastic brewers, you will find plenty of bar keepers, chefs and shop managers in Ghent who can teach you the local beer wisdoms. Want to know the entire history? Guides take you to the best beer places in the city where you can taste for yourself. Experience the beer, here!

Ghent Scenic Craft Beer Walks

Go on a walking tour with the Ghent Scenic Craft Beer Walks and discover all the craft beer hotspots in Ghent. Learn more about the brewing process and get your taste buds tingling!

Individual guides

In addition to numerous associations, there are also many individual guides who will show you the best places in the city to have a beer. 

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