What to do in Ghent? No one can answer that question with more skill and knowledge than an enthusiastic city guide. Let yourself be surprised by the city in the wake of a (private) guide of your choice.

Philippe from Ghent

Philippe was born and raised in Ghent, and loves to share his passion for the city with others. He takes you on one of his theme walks and shows you very special spots in the city. He enthusiastically guides art lovers through the wealth of art and the many museums in the city. Philippe guides you through Ghent’s history, its architecture, intrigues, anecdotes and funny stories in 4 languages: Dutch, French, English and German.

You can contact Philippe at Philippe from Ghent, philippegrulois700@gmail.com or +32 473 18 53 09

Philippe Grulois
Scapes - Veerle Manhaeve

Valerie De Witte

One of Valerie’s specialties is the Van Eyck brothers’ Ghent Altarpiece. She will tell you all about it during the city tour (Dutch, English & Italian). After the city tour, you can visit St Bavo’s Cathedral to admire the masterpiece. In the Museum of Fine Arts, she will guide you through the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions. She offers some thematic tours as well, at the museum’s request. Valerie can also guide you around Saint Peter's Abbey. She will take you along through the centuries-old galleries and immerse you in the history of this Benedictine abbey.

You can contact Valerie at Valerie De Witte, valeriedewitte@hotmail.com or +32 495 47 55 29

Valerie De Witte

Gids in Gent

Walking while having a taste of a rich history. Want to be amazed by traces of a distant past or enjoy recent architecture? It’s all possible in Ghent! Wim happily takes you on one of his themed walks (Dutch & English) where you have a choice between ‘Highlights of Ghent’, ‘Well-known facades – unknown stories’ or ‘Van Eyck: Ghent in 1432’.

You can contact Wim at Gids in Gent, wim@gidsingent.be or +32 497 31 27 61 

Wim Provoost

Beer Secret

If you feel like tasting beer in a unique and comprehensive manner, you should definitely attend Beer Secret! Beer Secret will surprise you with an interactive, locally focused tasting session. Beer Secret introduces you to a wide range of Belgian beers and allows you to discover food pairing with Belgian chocolates or local delicacies. You will learn about the brewing process, the history and the popularity of beer. Several anecdotes enhance the tasting session and turn it into an experience you will never forget.

You can contact Liselot at Beer Secret, liselot@creatiefcaura.com or +32 472 60 47 46


The Green Camel

De Groene Kameel (the Green Camel) organises walking and cycling tours in the city focusing on distinct topics (Dutch, English, French & German). Guide Annelies De Waele was born and raised in Ghent, and loves to share her passion for the city with others. Just a few of the possibilities: “The historical city centre", "Along windows in Ghent", "Art route Ghent", "Discovering old and new architecture" and "Old and New Docks - walk in the port area". The Green Camel also offers guided visits to the Bijloke site or St Bavo's Abbey and the Macharius district.

You can contact Annelies at De Groene Kameel, Annelies@degroenekameel.be or +32 478 97 91 80

Annelies De Waele

Ben's Ghent

Benedikt ‘Ben’ Segaert of Ben’s Ghent offers free English-language tours of the city. With Ben, you will discover the highlights of Ghent on a historic walking tour, experience the magnificent atmospheric light during an evening stroll full of night stories, or take part in a surprising graffiti and street art walk. Are you coming to Ghent with your family, or a group of friends or colleagues? Ben’s Ghent can offer you customised itineraries (even with e-steps!). These paid tours can be reserved in Dutch or English.

You can contact Ben at Ben's Ghent, info@bensghent.be or +32 486 32 72 92

Benedikt ‘Ben’ Segaert

Ghent Greets You

Ghent Greets You provides free customised city walks. You will learn more about the history, architecture, culture and gastronomy of the city during your walk. Ghent Greets You offers tours in Dutch, French, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

You can contact Ghent Greets You at Ghent Greets You or ghentgreetsyou@gmail.com or +32 472 88 29 68.