Are you a fan of sports and of cities? In that case, you can combine both by cycling to Ghent. Cycling routes start from every corner of the country and take you to Ghent either in a recreational or a very efficient way. The choice is yours! You can find lots of tips for a safe and fun ride here.

Cycling and sightseeing

Cycling is an active and practical way to get to your destination.  And if you want to go exploring on your ride to Ghent,  you can plan your route thanks to the cycle node network, which will take you to the most beautiful spots along the way.  Not only are the routes of the network perfectly signposted, they include quiet and safe cycle paths.  You can either follow an established route or create one yourself from any place in Flanders.  The network is also easily accessible if you travel from Brussels, Wallonia or one of our neighbouring countries.

How to best prepare your ride?
use the online cycling route planner. Enter your starting point in the field “plaats” (place) and then create your route by clicking on nodes.  Continue clicking until you reach your destination (in this case Ghent).  There are two nodes in the city centre: node no. 4 at Coupure and node no. 31 at Portus Ganda. Ready? Now download the route on your GPS or smartphone or print it.

Cycling to Ghent quickly and safely

Sometimes you can’t afford to lose time.  In those cases you don’t necessarily want to see the sights on your way, but just want to get to your destination quickly and safely.  The cycling plan of the city of Ghent allows you to find a quick and safe route to the city.  Simply enter your point of departure (van) and your destination (naar) and you will immediately get the fastest route.

Practical tips for cyclists

Bike garages
Once you have arrived in Ghent,  you can park your trusty steed in one of the city’s public bike garages. Does your bike need a bit of tender loving care? Go to one of the bicycle repair stations in Ghent or find a location where you can inflate your tyres. Charging stations for e-bikes  are available all over the city.

Bicycle-friendly accommodations

The list of bicycle-friendly accommodations in Ghent also proves that the city loves cyclists.  These accommodations provide cycling maps, parking facilities for bicycles, repair kits etc.  Moreover, staying at one of them gives you more time to explore Ghent. A win-win situation!

Have you already arrived in Ghent and are you looking for more tips on cycling in the city? The page “Cycling in Ghent” provides information about bike rental locations, guided cycling tours and much more.