In 1995, Kozzmozz did not start out on a space ship, but on a simple barge. But besides that, everything about the techno party was intergalactic.

In fact, it was R&S Records that organised the first techno party on the now famous Theatre Boat ‘Jozef K’ in 1994 for the release of the compilation In Order to Dance 5. Juan Atkins, Steve Cop and producer Renaat Vandepapeliere were on the line-up. However, the barge really got its legendary status as the first location of Kozzmozz, the techno party that began its space adventure in September 1995 with Trish & Kash, Stefaan Vandenberghe (T-Quest) and – there is little they haven’t played – Mo & Benoelie.

Kozzmozz would eventually organise several editions on the Theatre Boat, until the ship really became too small. (In fact, it never had the capacity for that many techno fans.) The techno concept then moved at warp speed to the ICC and ’t Kuipke for a seemingly endless series of XXL editions and nowadays continues the party in Vooruit.

Kozzmozz in Vooruit, Ghent