Wild about design? Be sure to visit the Design Museum Gent. A modern, open building lurks behind a magnificent 18th century façade.

This impressive city residence in Rococo style was bought by the City of Ghent in 1922, and used it to house the Design Museum. The temporary exhibitions complement the magnificent permanent collection, from art nouveau to trends in contemporary design.

Toilet roll: sticking it to the man

Even if you don’t need to go, the toilet enclosure at the museum is well worth a visit. The bathroom wing was built in defiance after Design Museum Gent kept being refused the funds for an expansion by Ghent City Council. When it did get a permit for a huge monumental work of art, a huge toilet roll with toilets hidden inside it, a message was added with a double meaning: ‘de pot op’. Literally it means “go to the loo” but what the expression really means colloquially is “go to hell”, giving the figurative finger to Ghent City Council.

Child-friendly Design Museum in Ghent

There is always something for families and children to do at the Design museum Gent. Play the museum game or take part in an exciting workshop. Everything is possible!

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