Visitors arriving in Ghent by train at the Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station can browse information at a digital 3D information point. The large, modern multimedia box hangs on a wall at one of the side entrances, near Starbucks, and is a real eye-catcher for visitors walking by.

The application was developed in collaboration with the Flanders Tourist Office and made Ghent a pioneer with the first permanent 3D tourist application in the world, which is managed off-site. You can get an answer to your questions in four different ways. 

Firstly, next to the desk , up front, there is a box with a pile of free city maps. 

Secondly, you can choose one of the six FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on a separate screen. An actor will immediately answer your question in a video in a language of the visitors’ choice (NL, FR, EN, DE or ES). These are the six FAQs: 

  •     To the centre?
  •     Not-to-be-missed attractions in the historic centre? 
  •     Not-to-be-missed attractions in the Arts Quarter? 
  •     In Ghent today?
  •     Spending the night in Ghent?
  •     CityCard Gent all-in?

Thirdly, the box has a touch screen, which is a smaller version of the large multimedia table at the Ghent Tourist Office at the Old Fish Market. You can use this touch screen to look up all sorts of information yourselves. 

Finally, you can phone the Visit Gent call centre at the touch of a button. A 3D connection is immediately established and you are put through to a member of staff, who answers your question with words and images, making it a lifelike experience. In fact, the Visit Gent team member appears in 3D on the screen, making real eye contact, which further strengthens the experience.