Mekkerland is a kids’ farm with a passion for animals, where respect for the animals and nature is a priority. Wooden banners point you in the right direction. The farm is home to goats, sheep, chickens and rabbits. Each of them has a name and they are cared for by an enthusiastic team of volunteers and local residents.

Peace and quiet and respect for the animals are of paramount importance. That’s why you are not allowed to enter the pastures, nor to pet or feed the animals on your own initiative.

The farm also features a summer bar. You can choose from a selection of non-alcoholic drinks and the blackboard shows you what’s on the menu. The Mekkerland team's ambition is to serve sustainable, local, organic, vegan or at least vegetarian meals.


Summer bar

Here you will also find a summer bar. The menu features non-alcoholic drinks and the plate shows you what's on the plate. The team strives to keep everything at Mekkerland as sustainable, local, organic, vegan or at least vegetarian as possible.

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