Many international companies have established plants along the canal Ghent-Terneuzen. Discover the economic vein and the industrial heart of East Flanders in the thriving and fl ourishing port of Ghent.

Boat tours

Every Saturday, the Ghent Port Company organises boat tours with guides in the Port of Ghent. You can discover the port in a two-hour trip on board the port yacht 'Jacob van Artevelde'.

Reservation is required. 

Get to know the Port of Ghent by bus

On a minibus or coach, you can discover the Port of Ghent in 2 hours. This is an ideal way to see and experience the port with a school or an association. First you watch a film about the port, and then you will enjoy a tour around the port area. You take care of the minibus or coach, and the Ghent Port Company books the tour guide.

Adapted tours for people with disabilities

Adapted tours for people with disabilities are possible. As you come in your own transport and stay on the minibus or coach, the tour is also feasible for a group including wheelchair users.