A view of the water, beautiful sunsets, plenty of space. The Oude Dokken district has it all. Oude Dokken is the collective name for an urban regeneration project in the area surrounding the former docks Houtdok, Achterdok and Handelsdok, which used to be where the city’s port activities took place. For almost twenty years now, this part of the city has been evolving into a modern, lively district.

For those who come to the Oude Dokken district from time to time, it’s obvious: there’s always something new going on in this part of the city. Apartment buildings with a modern architectural design are erected, enterprises find a new home and parking spaces and play areas for kids are developed.  And a lot of plans are ready for the years to come as well.  These are exiting times for the old Ghent port area! 


A really cool public park, a promenade, an atypical canoe rental company and an equally atypical bar/nightlife venue: there’s a lot happening at the Houtdok.  Just go and explore!  


Breathing space for pedestrians and cyclists, jetties for cool houseboats, a quay to go for a stroll or to simply enjoy the view: the Handelsdok is a place where you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city.  


The low-traffic area surrounding the Achterdok starts in the immediate vicinity of the Dampoort railway station.  Pedestrians and cyclists rule the entire area, and enterprises can find a peaceful place to work there.  It’s also the starting point of a traffic-free route to the northern part of the city.

A visit to the old Ghent docks

This 7.5km walk takes you along the former quays, loading and unloading docks, warehouses, harbour cranes, industrial relics and new developments. You’ll explore Handelsdok and Houtdok, and an (optional) extra 2.5-kilometre loop will guide you through Ghent’s largest listed townscape: the Voorhaven area.

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