Nothing is more relaxing than exploring Ghent and its surroundings while afloat on a floating deck powered by solar energy. Especially if you can have a bite to eat, chat away or enjoy the silence of nature. This is VlotGent!

VlotGent rents out floating decks powered by silent electric motors. This means there is no hassle with oars or noisy motors. Enjoy the trip from a comfortable raft with beanbags or lounge chairs. Bring your own food or order it from one of Ghent’s bars or restaurants, such as Villa Bardon, and have it delivered to your raft.  

You can choose from two different routes and sail with 4, 6 or max. 8 people per raft. This is also a really fun activity for the little ones! Moreover, it is not difficult at all to steer the raft: it travels a at maximum speed of 7 km/h, which means you don’t need a boating licence.  

VlotGent is a realisation of Smartship bv, a company that builds jetties, floating decks and vessels powered autonomously by solar energy. By providing completely emission-free transport, Smartship bv helps reduce CO2 and particulate matter emissions.   

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