Wallin’ started out as an organisation focusing on creating opportunities for artists and the improvement of the urban landscape. The goals are still the same today, and the organisation has gradually specialised in murals and projects in which graffiti and street art take a central position. Wallin’ brings these projects to life in cooperation with local, national and international artists/partners.

The organisation offers a number of guided (cycling) tours that allow the participants to discover street art in the city.

The “Tour Illegal” gives you a better insight into the graffiti culture and answers to questions like "How on earth has that mural got there?" and "Who made it and why?”. You enter the world of the graffiti artists and discover what drives these people.

During the “Wallin' Tour" a guide and a graffiti artist from the Ghent graffiti scene tell stories about the artists and how their works were created.

And the cycling tour “Ring Ring” takes you away from the centre to explore the outskirts of the city. This tour will teach you that street art is not exclusively linked to the city centre.

 “Road to Master: Workshop X Tour” is a combination of a graffiti walk and a workshop. After a tour with a guide and a graffiti artist you can take a spray can and create your own street art in one of the zones where it is permitted.

For more information about Wallin’’s offer, please visit their website.

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