We are all aware of the climate crisis, but what can we do about it? One thing we can do is opt for low-impact accommodation, sustainable hotels or eco hostels with a small ecological footprint!


Fairbnb is an alternative and sustainable platform for holiday rental and tourism. It actively cooperates with local communities and invests 50% of its turnover in (local) projects. Its aim is to counter the negative effects of tourism and have a positive impact on local communities.

Short-term lodging is provided by locally embedded hosts who actively support the local community and economy (e.g. by making use of local products). It’s no wonder, then, that the first Fairbnb in Flanders is located in Ghent.

Green Key eco-label

Green Key is an international eco-label granted to hospitality facilities that contribute to an economy that revolves not just around profit, but also around people and the environment. These accommodations are actively committed to sustainable business practices. They consume energy more efficiently, offer organic and vegan meals, promote sustainable transport, etc. thus reducing their ecological footprint. 

Green Globe

Green Globe is an international sustainability label represented in no fewer than 90 countries. The label is very comprehensive, covering 385 criteria in 44 different categories that are subject to an annual audit.  In Belgium, only two hotels are the proud owners of this label, including Yalo Urban Boutique Hotel in Ghent!

Camping: one with the surroundings

The words 'camping' and 'city' are not often combined, yet they go perfectly together! In Ghent, you can choose between camping in green surroundings and in the city centre. You can sleep under the open sky in the Blaarmeersen sports and recreational park. Or if you’re not sure the weather will hold, you can go camping indoors at Treck in the city centre.