A Sunday stroll is great. Enjoying a freshly made waffle or pancake during a Sunday stroll is even better. The list below proves that Ghent is not only the place to be to enjoy the traditional “waterzooi”, but also to satisfy your sweet tooth.

We highly recommend autumnal shopping in Ghent or a weekend stroll through the city centre. You can stay warm by wrapping up in a cosy woollen jumper, but there are more delicious ways to do so. Sit down in a tearoom, bistro or coffee shop for a waffle or pancake to recharge your batteries. Do you want a dollop of whipped cream or some hot chocolate sauce and ice cream? No problem!

Did you know that …

every Nero comic by Ghent-born cartoonist Marc Sleen always ends with a waffle feast? This is referred to on the artist’s grave, located in the Campo Santo cemetery: it features a little table with waffles and a cup of coffee.