The word “Zoetse” means “sweetie” in the Ghent dialect, and is the perfect name for a chocolaterie/coffee shop offering all sorts of confectionery. You can find this family business on the attractive Groentenmarkt square in the heart of Ghent.

Here you can enjoy Brussels and Liège waffles, pancakes and a Ghent specialty: ironed mastel. If you order a hot drink, you also get a delicious Valentino praline and a typical Ghent candy such as vuile taluure or lutsepoepke. If you prefer something fresh, you can opt for a soft drink or vegan lemonade, a local Ghent beer, wine or bubbly.

Did you know that at Zoetse you can also try Boer Bloem? Ghent's deliciously fresh, alcohol-free, flower-based beer.

The chocolates come from Valentino, a family business which has become one of the major producers of authentic Belgian chocolate.

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