Hop aboard the enchanting Ghent Christmas tram and go on a magical trip through the city’s winter splendour. It’s more than just a means of transport, because this tram is a living museum piece breathing Ghent’s rich history.

The route of this cheerfully lit Christmas tram traverses the bustling city centre, with Gent-Sint-Pieters railway station as its starting and finishing point. It takes you past Kouter square and its beautifully lit kiosk, Woodrow Wilsonplein square near Gent Zuid and Korenmarkt, where you can soak up the atmosphere of the Christmas market.

This tram is not just a ride through the city, because, thanks to charming Christmas music and lights, it provides an extra touch of magic during the Ghent Winter Festivities. Hop aboard and discover Ghent from a magical perspective during this holiday season!

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