Enjoy the magical winter atmosphere in the centuries-old Castle of the Counts, with enchanting lighting, festive decoration and merry music. The Castle of the Counts is immersed in a Christmas and winter atmosphere. Among the dark spiral staircases of the thick castle walls, discover the magic of this warm and cosy celebration at the darkest time of the year. From the top of the keep you have a unique view of the beautifully lit city centre.

The Winter Wonder Castle takes you back to the era of the crusades. After having discovered oriental customs and practices during his first crusade, Philip of Alsace wants to undertake a second crusade. But Christmas time is near. In the Castle of the Counts, the count’s staff has prepared everything for the holidays. You can expect oriental touches, exotic smells and warm colours, and a winter bar full of atmosphere. 

An enchanting experience for young and old alike.

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