A Sunday morning on the Kouter means a pleasant stroll around the flower market, stopping now and then for a klapke. Bask in the elegance of life in Ghent. And why not enjoy a relaxed bite to eat at one of the great restaurants nearby. It is a favourite ritual for Ghent residents.

First rays of sun

You don’t need to wait for spring! Thanks to the daily flower market, you can see a bright tapestry of flowers every day of the year on the Kouter. But the best time of all to visit is on a sunny Sunday morning in spring. Stretch your legs in the first rays of spring sunshine, enjoy the colours and listen to music playing in the background. Blissful. If you’re lucky, a brass band will be playing in the bandstand. This is what we call the good life.

Beautiful music

There is more here than just strolling and flowers! The Kouter is also a hub of music. There is something here for everyone! A central spot on the Kouter is occupied by a magnificent wrought iron kiosk on a base of natural stone. This music kiosk was designed by the city architect Adolphe Pauli in 1878. The roof features the names of four famous composers: Mozart, Gretry, Rossini and Auber. You can find another one of these gems in the Citadel park.

The 19th-century Opera Gent building and De Handelsbeurs concert venue on the Kouter span the entire music scene, from pop, rock and world music to jazz, opera and classical music. Perhaps running through the entire offerings would be a bit much. Simply rest assured that the Kouter is the place to be if you’re a music lover.

A snack before hitting the shops?

Is your stomach starting to rumble? Brasserie HA’ beside De Handelsbeurs has a table awaiting. Or pull up a chair at Cafe Theatre beside the Opera. Around the corner, on the Ketelvest, you will find mouth-watering menus at Le Homard Rouge. A gourmet paradise. And if you would prefer to stay on the Kouter itself, be sure to stop at CRU - Cuit. Come to this all-in-one greengrocer’s-and-restaurant to enjoy authentic seasonal produce.

And then you’re all ready to hit the shops! The Kouter is the perfect place to start a shopping spree. One of the best known streets is Veldstraat, but did you know that you can also walk from Kouter to bustling Kouterdreef? These shopping streets make you have twice as much fun while shopping!

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