Do you love flowers, plants and a lively atmosphere? Then the weekly flower market on Kouter square is definitely your cup of tea. On Sundays, you can enjoy the flower market in its full glory. The offer is more limited on Saturdays. From May to September, brass bands and concert bands take over the bandstand and treat you to free music.

The Blue Kiosk

Ghent’s most sophisticated gourmets gather at De Blauwe Kiosk at about eleven in the morning. This monument converted into an aperitif bar serves a glass of cava, fresh oysters and other amuse-bouches to connoisseurs at the market. Originally a hexagonal newspaper kiosk, the little building has stood on the Kouter since 1885. Once upon a time, a total of 38 such kiosks were spread over the centre of Ghent. Today this one is the only survivor. Since 1990, it has had a new lease of life as an open-air bar.

About this square…

Kouter square was once the city’s most prestigious square. It’s surrounded by old grand townhouses, the Handelsbeurs concert hall, the Opera and plenty of shops and eateries. The bandstand was designed by city architect Adolphe Pauli and bears the name of 4 famous composers: Mozart, Gretry, Rossini and Auber.

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