It has become abundantly clear: we can’t continue building. We are increasingly aware of the necessity to live in smaller housing units and closer together.
Organised by Architectuurwijzer, the exhibition ‘Housing Apart Together’ brings together eighteen Flemish collective housing projects.

This exhibition will allow you to discover a wide variety of projects: houses and flats, in a village or in the city, in existing buildings or new constructions, with more and less shared spaces. A large part of the exhibition is dedicated to the typical co-housing projects, set up by the residents themselves.

Point of departure: architectural variations on traditional housing

All of the housing projects are variations of the traditional models: 

  • housing units in and around a shared outdoor space
  • special housing units in an existing building
  • flats with a shared space on the ground floor, a roof terrace or a garden

It often concerns creative solutions at difficult locations or in special buildings, giving rise to new housing types and combinations.

Life as it is

This exhibition will enable you not only to discover the architecture, but also daily life in the housing projects that have already been completed.

Through field visits and interviews with residents and architects, curator Peggy Totté and anthropologist Ruth Soenen collected data on everyday life in about a dozen projects. This way not only the aspect of sharing is highlighted, but privacy as well.