OdeGand is a celebration of music on and along Ghent’s canals. Travel by boat from one concert to the next and enjoy concerts of all genres (flamenco, jazz, classical music,…).

One ticket grants you access to all boats as well as numerous concerts. Don’t miss our breath-taking musical happening at Graslei and Korenlei later that night.

This year, the edition will be a somewhat different, but will still be as exciting as ever. Discover our city’s many historic gems and let your heart be conquered by the surprising sounds ranging from the purely classical, to music from far-off lands, but also by magical meetings of different musical worlds.

Go to the website to view the full programme.

This activity takes place on a location within the low emission zone

Are you driving to Ghent? First check whether you may enter the city centre with your vehicle. Clean vehicles may enter the city centre free of charge, polluting vehicles have to pay. Is your vehicle allowed to enter, but do you not have a Belgian or Dutch number plate? You will ALWAYS have to register!
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