The creative VIZIT guides will help you explore the historic city centre and give you a taste of Jan Van Eyck’s mastery, both literally and figuratively! A culinary walk, a guided tour or a quest through Ghent will transport you back to the time of the Flemish painter and the Ghent Altarpiece.

Choose from the following range of activities:

A culinary walk with Van Eyck

The VIZIT guides love great food and drinks, and for many years they have organised culinary walks that make the mouth water. On this occasion, they have developed a Jan Van Eyck-themed culinary walk. The guide will take you to three different locations for an aperitif, a main course and a dessert. You can expect dishes that resemble works of art, edible colours and a fifteenth-century meal. Of course, medieval table manners are included! Languages: NL/ENG/FR/DE

Passion! For Van Eyck

Even after six centuries, Jan Van Eyck continues to provide inspiration. Take a guided tour and search for passionate people from Ghent. You will meet three people with disabilities who present their highly personal artistic interpretation of the Ghent Altarpiece. The focus is not on their disabilities, but on the things they can do better than the average person: write poems, paint with their mouth, make music, sculpt, etc. Languages: NL

Our own Ghent Altarpiece

Pupils from the last year of kindergarten to secondary school can enjoy themselves with an interactive quest for the Ghent Altarpiece. Under the supervision of a guide, each class group looks for pieces of a puzzle. Over the course of 10 months, a gigantic version of the Ghent Altarpiece will be built; a big tour of the end result will conclude the project in October. To top it all off, the children can dress up as the figures depicted in the altarpiece. Languages: NL/FR

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