In Beiruti you will get to know the Lebanese culinary heritage while seeing the streets of Beirut come to life. Family, conviviality and equality take centre stage here. The aim is to bring people together with honest and traditional food. The shared dishes provide a tasty, gastronomic experience as well as new, beautiful memories around the table.

The Mezze is the start of the meal. The cold version includes a selection of salads and snacks that can be combined with Labneh and an extensive range of hummus. Those who like hot dishes can opt for falafel or Kibbeh (the national dish of Lebanon).

Afterwards, you will visit the Teta Kitchen where you can find authentic Lebanese dishes such as Mar’ouk wraps and Mana’eesh.

Do you still fancy something sweet? The dessert menu includes baklava and halawe.

Beiruti treats vegetarian customers to adapted dishes.

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