Ghent has had a long drum & bass tradition, which largely started in Kortrijk with the Fried Chicken record shop.

Nederkouter 47, Ghent

I had a record shop in Kortrijk for a long time,” Star Warz founder One87 told the magazine Knack Focus in 2000, “but at one point I got the feeling that I could no longer grow over there. Antwerp and Brussels seemed a bit too large-scale, so I moved the shop to Ghent."

It was called Fried Chicken and mostly sold hip-hop and drum & bass records. Vinyl records, of course. There's little point in having a chicken or egg discussion about which came first: Fried Chicken or Ghent’s drum & bass scene. What’s certain is that Fried Chicken was as essential for the development of the Ghent’s drum & bass scene as the latter was for the success of the former.

The most legendary Drum & Bass party ever held in Belgium? And that is still alive and kicking? Star Warz! The man behind Fried Chicken (DJ 187) is also the driving force behind the enduring concept. So no Star Warz without Fried Chicken!

DJ set at Star Warz, a concept conceived by the owner of the Fried Chicken record shop
The Fried Chicken record shop on Nederkouter in Ghent