Interested in heritage that captures the imagination? In Ghent’s historic city centre, you don’t have to look far for World Heritage worthy of the name. The Castle of the Counts, a medieval fortress surrounded by a moat, is just a stone's throw away from the imposing St Bavo’s Cathedral and the Ghent Belfry. In addition, the inner city boasts two ancient abbeys and no fewer than three beguinages. That’s a spectacular amount of history per square metre, isn’t it?

Museums in Ghent

You're spoilt for choice in Ghent, also when it comes to museums. The offer ranges from Ghent City Museum (STAM) for a bit of local history to the Dr. Guislain Museum for a refreshing outlook on art and the Ghent University Museum (GUM) for a fascinating dose of science. Ghent boasts twelve varied museums, each with its own unique collection and relevant exhibitions. So, Ghent can truly be called a city of culture.

Discover Ghent’s heritage from the water

Ghent is a city of water: it is located at the confluence of the rivers Lys and Scheldt. Its many smaller canals create a pleasant atmosphere and form the perfect route to admire Ghent’s heritage from a different perspective. On an electric motorboat – which you can steer yourself, ahoy! – or on an excursion boat – just sit back and relax – you will enjoy the historic city centre even more.


Ghent hosts numerous cultural events. At the end of the summer, there is Heritage Open Day, the perfect opportunity to discover monuments that are normally not open to the public. In December, you can visit Ghent’s museums free of charge in the atmospheric evening light during Museum Night. And every first Thursday of the month, the museums are open until 10 pm: the ideal combination of culture and a night out!