Cities are increasingly making efforts to limit their environmental impact. In Ghent, sustainability is more than a buzzword, it is a call for action. For many years, Ghent has been committed to protecting the environment with initiatives ranging from vegetarian capital of Europe (since 2009) to the largest low-traffic pedestrian zone in Europe (since 2017). As a result, discovering Ghent on foot or by bike is an absolute must! It is a city on a human scale, easily navigable by pedestrians.

Low-impact accommodation

Environmentally conscious accommodation in Ghent is not a matter of having it both ways, but of actively making business operations more sustainable. Accommodation providers consume energy more efficiently, offer organic and vegetarian/ vegan meals, promote sustainable transport, etc. This way, they contribute to the reduction of their ecological footprint.  At Fairbnb, they take it one step further by opting for accommodation with locally embedded hosts.

Delicious and sustainable food and drinks

What do you eat, where does your food come from, how is food waste dealt with and what do you throw away? In all these aspects, you can take small actions to reduce your ecological footprint. Come and discover all this in the vegetarian capital of Europe, or purchase your ingredients directly from growers at several organic farmer’s markets. Can zero-waste, do-it-yourself and delicious food be fun? In Ghent, you can even pick a variety of fruit yourself. Discover the whole range here.

Carefree leisure

You can tailor your activities to your green mindset and spend your leisure time in an environmentally friendly manner. Silently cruising on the water, traversing the city and its outskirts by bicycle or electric Vespa, or going on a tour of the city under your own steam, there are plenty of options! And don’t forget to take a breather from time to time or have a picnic at one of the many green poles in and around Ghent.

Eco-friendly shopping

Sustainable consumption makes sense if you think about it! You can go a long way by opting for local products (thus avoiding needless transport) with minimum packaging or no packaging at all. Double check! In the non-food department, you can also choose from a wide range of sustainable options. Numerous shops offer ethically and ecologically responsible goods, so sustainability does not have to be a limiting factor.

Green and waste-free festivities

Ghent has proven many times that an event does not have to end in cleaning up streets and squares littered with plastic cups. The City of Ghent has consciously opted for waste-free festivities. This approach is clearly paying off if you look at the list of events that tick all the ecological boxes.

The path towards Ghent Climate City

Perhaps you don’t see it immediately, but throughout Ghent, initiatives are taken to reduce the city’s environmental footprint. By day, your eye is drawn to unusual green spots, green roofs and façade gardens you can discover on a city safari. In the evening, sunlight gives way to wonderful (yet sustainable) artificial light, and the city becomes even more attractive. So hop on your bike or on the tram and enjoy Ghent without any pollution thanks to the low emission zone.