Summer is (finally) there. The perfect time to dust off your picnic baskets.
Ghent boasts numerous beautiful spots to enjoy a picnic in open air.

Several parks feature (pink) picnic tables. But you can also just lay your picnic blanket on the grass. Or go on a boat ride and enjoy a picnic on the banks of the river Lys.

A picnic in Ghent is even more special when you buy your food at one of the local food markets.

Indoor picknick

A picknick is a great outdoor activity, but it can also be a total washout. What if it’s freezing cold or the rain is coming down in buckets? Luckily, Ghent boasts numerous places where you can eat your packed lunch indoors, provided that you buy a drink. If you’re going on an outing as a class or association, you’re welcome in a number of bars, hostels and public buildings, provided you make a reservation and buy a drink.