Unfortunately, in 2017 the curtain fell on the electronic music festival 10 Days Off, after 22 successful editions. And it all began right here.

Belfortstraat 18, Ghent

Even though electronic music was already hugely popular, if you listened to the music played at the Ghent Festivities in the first half of the 1990s, you could have sworn that The Levellers were the pinnacle of pop culture. (Of course, in reality they were just extremely annoying.)

That changed in 1995 thanks to 10 Days of Techno, a festival featuring Juan Atkins, Kenny Larkin and Luke Slater and other techno DJs which attracted thousands of visitors over the course of ten days. This posed a bit of a problem, to say the least, because the festival took place in the Red Tape Building, which despite its cool sounding name was not an imposing building at all, but an ordinary terraced house where the Ghent registry office had been located not long before. Capacity: five hundred people. Officially, that is.

10 Days of Techno took place once more in the Red Tape Building in 1996, after which it was renamed 10 Days Off as techno was no longer the only style played there and moved to Oude Vismijn (Star Building), the Eskimo factory and Vooruit successively.