Article 1 - Organisation

1.1. VZW Gent Hotels[1], Visit Gent[2], VZW Puur Gent[3] and VZW Horeca Oost-Vlaanderen [4] (hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser”) organise a contest in which the participants answer a question, as mentioned in the contest.


Article 2 - Participation

2.1. The contest runs between the start and end dates specified on landing page of the contest or until exhaustion of stock. The number of participants is unlimited.

Participation in the contest is free of charge and is possible via

2.3. The minimum age for contestants is 18.

2.4. Participants can participate only once by filling out the form. (see article 3 – selection).


Article 3 - Selection

3.1. The organisers will select one winner every 2 weeks from all participants of the relevant 2 weeks.  The selection will be made on the basis of a tiebreaker question. In case of a tie, the first participant in chronological order will be the winner.

3.2. The selection takes place every 2 weeks, behind closed doors.

3.3. After the selection the organisers will inform the organisers personally via email.


Article 4 - Prizes

4.1. The Organisers select one (1) winner every two week.

4.2. The winner will receive two nights at a hotel in Ghent on a date of his/her choice.

4.3. In addition, the winner will receive a surprise package that will be clearly described on the landing page.

4.4. The prizes cannot be transferred nor exchanged for cash.


Article 5 – Privacy and data protection

5.1. The Organisers process the personal and other data of the participant, provided via The Organisers have to process these data in order to guarantee participation in the contest, to ensure that the contest takes place without incidents, to enable a selection of the winner and to inform the participant of the outcome of the contest.

5.2. The Organisers will keep the personal data for one (1) year for accounting purposes.

5.3. The participant has several rights relating to the personal data provided. The Organisers are aware of this and are prepared to assist the participants whenever they wish to exercise these rights. Below is an overview of the possibilities:

5.4. The participant can request access to and/or rectification of the personal data processed by the Organisers. The participant can object to the processing or, if permitted by law, request a restriction or even full deletion of personal data. Furthermore, the participant can request that the personal data processed by the Organisers be transferred to the participant or another organisation if prescribed by law. The participant can exercise these rights by sending an email to

5.5. If the participant does not agree with the manner in which his/her personal data are processed by the Organisers, he/she can file a complaint with the Data Protection Authority or the Vlaamse Toezichtcommissie (Flemish Monitoring Committee).


Article 6 – Various provisions

6.1. By entering the contest, the participant fully and unconditionally accepts these rules. The provisions of these rules constitute a binding agreement between the participant and the Organisers. These rules can be consulted online via the website; and can be printed. The organisers and the participant will not communicate about the modalities of this contest. 

6.2. The Organisers reserve the right at all times to exclude a participant from the contest without delay and without prior notice,  for instance in case of misuse, misrepresentation, deceit as well as inappropriate, illegal or immoral behaviour, if required by the circumstances or if these rules are not complied with.

6.3. The Organisers reserve the right to cancel the contest or change its conditions at their sole discretion. The Organisers do not accept liability in case of changes to or cancellation of the contest.

6.4. Every participant is fully responsible for all additional costs resulting from their participation. The Organisers can in no case be requested to pay any expenses incurred by the participant within the context of their participation in the contest.

6.5. These rules and provisions are governed by Belgian law. The (Dutch-language) courts of Brussels have exclusive jurisdiction for any disputes that may arise.


 [1] Gent Hotels (VZW), with office at 9000 Gent, Kasteellaan, company number 0431.823.016

 [2] Tourist Information Office of the City of Ghent, with office at 9000 Gent, Sint-Veerleplein 5, company number 0207.451.227.

 [3] PUUR Gent (vzw BIG), with registered office at 9000 Gent, Botermarkt 1, company number 0630.602.344

 [4] Horeca Oost-Vlaanderen (vzw), with registered office at 9000 Gent, Franklin Rooseveltlaan 349 bus 87, company number 0415.134.363